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Hello, we're Jake and Ellie! We are a competitive family of four where running is an integral part of our lives. We balance the household of work, school, and raising two children, so we FULLY understand the sacrifices needed to juggle life, work, and fun. We met at Wright State University where we both ran Cross Country and Track at the NCAA Division I level. Ellie is a recent School Counseling graduate at Wright State University and has been a competitive runner since middle school. Jake is an Active Duty Air Force Servicemember; in September 2018, he won the USAF Marathon and earned a spot on the All-Air Force Marathon team every year since.

Since its inception, Tailored Strides has helped runners of all levels. We have challenged our athletes to push their limits and reach new milestones in their respective training journeys. We have helped runners find their love of training as well as those finding that spark again. Tailored Strides creates an environment focused on accountability with respect to what goes on in your personal lives. Tailored Strides is a great fit for you because it's simple, affordable (compare to other online running plans, see Pricing Options), and provides a custom fit with dynamic adjustments (if/when needed). Our athletes are dedicated, motivated, and hungry to quite literally chase down their goals..the question is, are you?

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